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As a next-generation consulting and IT services company, Infosys helps generate real value from business transformation engagements through a unique integration of business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services to clients in over 30 countries. The energy and utilities sectors are two of the fastest growing vertical sectors that Infosys serves, and TIBCO is proud to showcase Infosys-powered solutions made possible by our continuing partnership.

Infosys and TIBCO regard one another as innovative visionaries who address the needs of tomorrow's enterprises. Together, we strive toward strengthening our relationship to create compelling business value for our customers.

Read more about Infosys' dedicated TIBCO practice which leverages the expertise of more than 1,200 TIBCO practitioners, industry best practices, and methodologies.

Sustainable Energy for a Better Tomorrow

Sustainability is the ability to endure and ensure a business succeeds without endangering resources for future generations. It is vital that organizations become environmentally responsible to be sustainable themselves. Sustainability is also a source of tremendous opportunity to businesses: opportunity to differentiate, innovate, and earn trust.

Infosys provides multiple solutions that target 21st century sustainability needs of the energy and utilities vertical market.

  • Demand Side Management (DSM) Solution:Infosys DSM addresses the need for an integrated solution for managing the entire portfolio of incentive programs for a utility company. Infosys' solution encourages customers to employ energy-efficient best practices and install renewable energy equipment. View the DSM Solution PDF and learn how it drives significant cost benefits.
  • Smart Integrator (SI):Smart Integrator is an integration platform for the utilities sector that uses powerful event-centric building blocks to generate, predict, deliver, query, and visualize information across Master Data Management (MDM), CIS, and Core Distribution Systems (SCADA/DMS, OMS, WAM, GIS). View the Smart Integrator Solution PDF to learn how Smart Integrator acts as the next generation utility company's nervous system, using smart grid technologies to enable effective decision making based on real-time data and learning models.
  • Enabling a Smarter Sustainable Energy Platform:Electric utilities are attempting to adapt to changes driven by the need for energy conservation and concerns around climate change, while struggling to ensure a sustainable power supply. This paper focuses on defining energy platforms for utilities by breaking them into blocks across the distribution network and connecting these blocks in a smart way to predict unexpected changes. Download this exclusive whitepaper.

Sponsor of TUCON 2011

TIBCO is pleased to announce that Infosys was a Sponsor of TUCON 2011, TIBCO's annual user conference that brings together an amazing lineup of keynote speakers. Infosys' Ashok Vemuri spoke as well as visionary leaders from around the world for three full days of learning, networking, and collaboration across diverse industries.

TUCON 2011 took place at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, please visit

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